Academy of Research and Science Canada

Academy of Research and Science Canada

We have industry experienced trainers at Australis College INDUSTRY EXPERT TRAINERS

We believe if you want genuine outcomes you need to learn from experts who have done what you’re hoping to do. That is why all our trainers are experienced with real-world insights and knowledge to better prepare you for success in your chosen field.

Australis College Flexible Learning Model MORE PERSONAL LEARNING

You’ll never feel like a number at our College. Due to our smaller student-to-trainer ratios, you'll receive more one-on-one attention and support to help you get through your course. We also offer flexible study options to accommodate your preferred learning style and your busy schedule.

Get Job Ready Today with Australis College! GET JOB READY

Our courses are written by experts in consultation with industry to ensure learnings are in line with what the workplace want. We pick electives that expand your knowledge, skills, confidence and ability to do the job and succeed in your career. Our courses are 'More than a Qualification'.

Australis College Provide You with a Range of Payment Options FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS

We have a range of payment options including interest-free payment plans, private Study Loans or perhaps you are eligible for State Government funding or the OSAP Student Loan scheme. We also offer Subscriptions, the most flexible way there is to get qualified or stay current with minimal upfront commitment.